Where Our Alumni Are Now-Thomas Chung

In 2008, Thomas Chung landed a position as a Software Engineering Intern in Japan enabled him to apply what he studied in the classroom to real software development projects, learning how software development works in a real world setting. One of his most significant accomplishments through The Canada-Japan Co-op Program includes completing and presenting his internship project to his team and delivering his daily standup status meetings in Japanese. Thomas’ adventures in Japan encompassed more than just work, as some of his most memorable experiences include climbing Mt. Fuji, snorkeling in Okinawa, and even the daily train commute from his apartment in central Tokyo to Sony headquarters. He came to better understand Japanese culture which in turn helped improve the way he works with people from different backgrounds, and built a network with many people in the community both within and outside the company, some of whom are still in touch with him and continue to provide him with insight into the industry in Japan. Now a Senior Software Engineer for Microsoft’s Office product Group, Thomas believes “the international work experience is invaluable because it shows potential employers that you are driven to go the distance to achieve what you desire.”