Member Education Institution Fees

To support the costs of operating an international co-op program education, institution fees are required. A new model of fees was introduced in 2012 to encourage greater participation levels. The member education intuition fees for 2021/2022 participation are outlined below:

$400 Annual membership includes 1 placement
$800 Annual membership includes 2 placements
$1,200 Annual membership includes 3 placements
$1,500 Annual membership includes 4 placements
$1,800 Annual membership includes 5 or more placements
(Maximum membership/placement fee for one year)

The revised fee structure was incorporated to encourage greater participation for educational institutions and ensure smaller institutions were not deterred from participation.

The fee structure is set for the fiscal year period 2021/2022 (April 2021 – March 2022);

It is important to note that all participating institutions will be initially billed a $400 membership fee and an additional invoice will be sent in the third quarter of the fiscal year once placements have been confirmed for the additional fee based on institution placement numbers. Participation in The Canada-Japan Co-op Program does not guarantee student placements in co-op opportunities; the hiring decision is made by the Japanese employer (alike the Canadian Co-op model).

Students who successfully secure co-op opportunities in Japan are required to pay the UBC tuition equivalent of $821.75 per academic term (effective May 1, 2022).

Member institutions determine if students will remain registered in their school Co-op program and if so they will pay fee difference (if any) in tuition directly to The Canada-Japan Co-op Program, or they will require students to register at UBC as visiting students during their duration in the program. For students who are “visiting” UBC students for their duration in the program, they pay Co-op fees directly to the UBC. Some member institutions prefer to be invoiced to tuition costs by term and forward payment to the program.

Membership and tuition cover the operational costs of the nationally based Canada-Japan Co-op Program office including: the full time salary of a bi-lingual Program Coordinator, overhead including telephone, couriers, marketing and site visits.

Conference calls are conducted per term with consortium members to update on the progress of the program.

If you are interested in learning more about the opportunities The Canada-Japan Co-op Program can provide your educational institution, or would like to arrange a meeting with The Canada-Japan Co-op Program Coordinator, Yuko Nemoto, please email