About Us

Since 1991, the aim of The Canada-Japan Co-op Program (formerly named The Co-op Japan Program) has been to encourage long term opportunities for scientific and industrial exchange between Canada and Japan. In an effort to achieve this goal, the program has worked tirelessly to establish close, professional relationships with Japanese businesses, industries, and government ministries in order to create links with our Canadian counterparts. The program is a Canadian university and college based, international co-op/internship program linking some of the best students, researchers, and career professionals Canada has to offer, with highly committed business and industry participants in Japan.

The success The Canada-Japan Co-op Program has achieved over the years has enabled the Program the opportunity and ability to expand our services to Japanese industry. In addition to coordinating technical placements for undergraduate and graduate students in Japan, we also fill requests by participating companies for non-technical internships, as well as marketing full-time opportunities for our alumni.

To allow hiring flexibility for employers and also to fit in with Canadian institution co-op program timetables, the program has  a continuous application process. A continuous application process for students permits students to apply to The Canada-Japan Co-op Program and positions year round. The flexibility provides employers with motivated, skilled students who are able to commence working in January, May or September for a four, eight or twelve-month duration.

The success and longevity of The Canada-Japan Co-op Program is due to the exceptional quality of our participating university and college students, the loyalty of our participating companies in Japan, assistance from the Embassy of Canada in Tokyo, support from Global Affairs Canada (formerly Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada) and the active support of our participating educational institutions.


The Canada-Japan Co-op Program’s mandate is to provide Canadian undergraduate and graduate students with career-related work experience with a Japanese company during their academic program and provide Japanese companies with the opportunity to employ highly capable and motivated Canadian educated students. 


The Canada-Japan Co-op Program’s vision is to be the best program for Canadian undergraduate students wishing to complete co-op work terms/internship in Japan and the leading international co-op/internship program for Japanese employers requiring experienced and pre-qualified students. 


The Canada-Japan Co-op Program’s mission is to provide top calibre Canadian educated co-op students with high quality career-oriented work opportunities in Japan as well as to provide participating Japanese employers with Canadian educated students who can make valuable contributions to their organizations.