Prospective Students

Why Apply to The Canada-Japan Co-op Program?

The Canada-Japan Co-op Program formally integrates a student’s academic studies with practical paid work experience in a Japanese employer organization for a period of four to twelve months. The Canada-Japan Co-op Program is tailor-made for international work placements/internships in Japan, with staff who are committed to ensure participating undergraduate and graduate students receive the highest possible level of service to ensure a positive Canada-Japan Co-op experience.

A great deal of planning and preparation goes into each Canada-Japan Co-op student placement. Unlike placements in North America, the time frame leading up to a placement can take up to eight months (although this is not the average, it is important to note that students allowing more time upon application have a higher percentage rate of being placed within their desired time frame). Upon application to the program, students are interviewed at their home educational institution and recommendations are passed then onto The Canada-Japan Co-op Program staff who conducts a final interview and determines acceptance into the program. Upon acceptance, students are advised to have access to job postings.

Benefits of participation for students:

  • Opportunity to gain valuable international work experience and skillset;
  • Expand student’s future career outlook and perspective on educational goals;
  • Enhance student’s value within the Canadian job industry;
  • and more.

The Canada-Japan Co-op Program provides the following to undergraduate and graduate student participants:

  • Access to job postings in Japan (participation in the program does not guarantee placement as the hiring and matching decision is ultimately up to the Japanese employer organization);
  • Easy, on-line application process;
  • Organization of telephone and video conferencing interviews;
  • Administrative support during the application, interviewing, matching, visa processing and placement periods;
  • Comprehensive student preparation prior to departure;
  • Contact during the term via phone, email , SKYPE and one in person site visit; and
  • Canada-Japan Co-op Student Alumni support.


To determine whether you are eligible to apply to the Program, please read the Student Eligibility Checklist

Language Skills Requirement

Prior to departure to Japan, students are required to complete AT LEAST one Japanese language course (credit or non-credit). The course can be taken at various locations, for example, Continuing Education, Language Schools, Community Centres, or College/University. The more students know about the Japanese language and culture, the more confident and comfortable they would be to work and live in Japan. Note: Students may still apply only if they agree to register into and complete a Japanese course prior to departure.

As part of the application process, an oral Japanese assessment is conducted over the phone/in person for those who indicated their language level on the online application form as none, beginner or intermediate. The duration of the assessment is about 15 minutes. For those who indicated a level of advanced or higher, both oral and written assessments are conducted. The Japanese language assessment is not a passing/failing test. Student answers are assessed with the following criteria: Minimum (None), Greeting, Basics, Daily conversation, Business Communication, or Native-like.

A student’s Japanese language level is not the primary reason for Japanese employers to hire Co-op students from Canada. Japanese employers would rather hire a student who is motivated and willing to learn the Japanese language prior to and during their work term in Japan. 

Application to CJCP

Students are advised to read Guide 1 – Applying to CJCP before applying to the Program.

If you are interested in joining the program, please fill out the Online Application Form to initiate the application process.