Who Participates?

Since 1991 over 80 Japanese companies have hired hundreds of Canada-Japan Co-op students. Canada-Japan Co-op placements provide an excellent opportunity for companies to enhance their internationalization activities, learn about the Canadian education system, and offer potential to establish joint research ventures with Canadian universities.

The Canada-Japan Co-op Program is the only consortium based international co-op program in the world. Universities and Colleges from across Canada participate in the program. and are offered the chance to promote their institution to a broader international market and work towards establishing links with Japanese companies.

Participating Canadian co-op students spend up to 12 months living and working in Japan, gaining hands-on experience in Japanese industry while developing lasting contacts and lifelong friendships with other Canada-Japan Co-op students and colleagues in Japan. This international experience provides students with a practical understanding of corporate Japan that can enhance future career opportunities.

Canada-Japan Co-op students have successfully filled positions in areas such as:

  • Research and development
  • Software and hardware
  • CAD/CAM software development
  • Integrated circuitry design
  • Telecommunications
  • Artificial intelligence / speech recognition
  • Biological science research
  • Manufacturing process
  • Manufacturing board testing system
  • Polymer materials
  • Steel making process
  • Materials testing
  • Energy Industry