Where Our Alumni Are Now-Roxanne Boucher

Roxanne ventured on an exciting adventure through The Canada-Japan Co-op Program to Japan from January to August in 2018 to work with KPMG Ignition as a Research & Business Consulting Intern. Some of Roxanne’s major accomplishments include: creating the new Digital Solution and Innovation team, leading the automation tax process which has saved over 50 work hours for the team, verification for the department and developing a new data visualization product for the financial advisory services. Although it was hard for Roxanne to pinpoint a favourite memory, she noted that weekly suppers at the nearby izakaya and Takoyaki nights at her shared house were especially memorable.

Roxanne also shared how her experience with The Canada-Japan Co-op Program has shaped her into the individual that she is proud to be today. Not only did she develop new technical skills, but her co-op job taught her that her that her skillset is versatile which motivated her to apply a wide range of organizations and job positions, including her current role as a Transport Data Analyst at Lowe’s Canada.