Where Our Alumni Are Now-Alice Zhang

In 2011, Alice spent 8 months in Osaka assisting with the development of a new healthcare application and analysis based on human physiology as a Research Intern at the Advanced Technologies Development Laboratory of Panasonic Electric Works. Some of her most significant contributions as a Canada-Japan Co-op student included conducting research on minimally invasive detection of blood glucose levels, and publishing her findings in the Journal of Biomedical Optics. She notes her experience conducting innovative experiments alongside top researchers at Panasonic to be one of the most memorable parts of her experience. Outside of work, she managed to arrange small trips across Japan with fellow Canada-Japan Co-op Program participants and built friendships with Panasonic employees from other departments who lived in the company dormitory with her.

After her graduation from The University of British Columbia, Alice returned to Japan to work as an Associate at Unison Capital, a private equity firm. Participating in The Canada-Japan Co-op Program gave her the chance to experience Japanese work culture and allowed her to “get her foot in the door” to a working life in Japan.

Where Our Alumni Are Now-Hana Mukano

In 2019, Hana departed for Japan to work as an Accounting Intern for PHC Holdings Corporation. During her time there, Hana took on responsibilities such as: translating various accounting documents from Japanese to English; utilizing programs like Oracle’s PBCS to assess the growth of different segments and corresponding subsidiaries; and hosting interactive activities such as culture and language sessions to build meaningful connections with her colleagues. Her orientation tour at the start of her work term was a particular highlight as he had the chance the observe the assembly line, factory processes and interact with the factory workers. Hana described everyone as “friendly and welcoming” and willing to help her understand the organization and products in detail.

After concluding her work term, Hana returned to her previous role as a Trading Operations Assistant at Total Energies Trading Canada CP. Not long after, Hana joined Deloitte Canada and is currently working as a consultant. Looking back, Hana states that her experience with The Canada-Japan Co-op Program taught her invaluable lessons of adaptability and amplified her willingness to learn under pressure. She is keen to explore international experiences as her career develops.

Where Our Alumni Are Now-Alexander Winardi

Alex spent eight months in Japan as a Research Co-op student at Panasonic Corporation, working with a team that focused on developing home energy management systems. One of Alex’s main projects involved working on control algorithms for improving space thermal comfort, and he ended up pioneering the use of a new adaptive control for thermal comfort by executing proof-of-concept simulations which showed an accuracy higher than any existing control technology in the market at the time. His impressive work achievements resulted in a job offer from the employer to stay on with his team after graduation.

Now a Project Manager for the Vancouver Airport Authority, Alex is responsible for delivering airport terminal expansion projects. His familiarity with Japanese culture played a big part in helping him successfully produce strong results throughout his career in Canada. His appreciation and understanding of discipline, a strong work ethic, and efficiency – hallmarks of Japanese workplaces and daily life- helped him significantly in developing an excellent work ethic of his own. For Alex, being able to work in a high performing corporate environment while experiencing a unique culture allowed for substantial personal and professional development that has had long term benefits for him.

Where our Alumni Are Now-Joelle Beauchemin


Joelle’s life changed for the better in June 2017 when she pursued a life-changing opportunity with J. Morita MFG Corporation. As a Marketing Assistant, Joelle oversaw a number of tasks including: language translation, customer relation management, workflow optimization and marketing document creation. As she settled into her role, Joelle continued to expand her skillset. For example, Joelle took over the role of creating and editing documents in English with marketing applications like InDesign, Illustrator and Dreamweaver. Although she had no prior experience with these applications, Joelle took the time to teach herself how to operate them This led her to efficiently update instruction manuals, create marketing documents and prepare new websites in English for the organization. Another proud achievement was when she created an instruction video guide to be sent to all clients who purchased a new company product.

Joelle embraced the cultural, language and work differences in Japan and used this opportunity to challenge herself. This inspired her to “deliver high quality work while adapting to a new environment which expanded her confidence and skillset. After concluding her studies in 2019, Joelle landed a position as  Digital Marketing Specialist with Digitad which is a marketing agency located in Montreal. The marketing skills and intercultural communication she developed during her CJCP experience were a key foundation for her career after graduation.


Program Update

Message from The Canada-Japan Co-op Program (CJCP)

Due to the global pandemic, the Program paused its activities in March 2020, but hopes to relaunch in 2023. We are planning for our relaunch to include additional opportunities for students in the Social Sciences, Humanities, Tourism, and Business disciplines, in addition to those from the STEM disciplines, making it more accessible to a wider range of co-op students across Canada.

Please continue to watch this site for updates and if you have questions, please reach out to Yuko Nemoto, Program Coordinator at coop.japan@ubc.ca.

NOTE: new student applications are not processed at this moment.

The Canada-Japan Co-op Program