Canada-Japan Co-op Program Online Application Form

Thank you for your interest in the Canada-Japan Co-op Program!

We are planning for our relaunch to include additional opportunities for students in the Social Sciences, Humanities, Tourism, and Business disciplines, in addition to those from the STEM disciplines, making it more accessible to a wider range of co-op students.

Please reach out to Yuko Nemoto, Program Coordinator at first to ask if you are currently eligible to apply then complete the online application form.

Students are advised to read Prospective Student Info Guide 2 – Online Application Form before filling out the application form. 

It takes approximately 30-40 minutes to complete the online application form.

After completing the online application form, students will receive an email with application steps:
1) schedule an application interview with the liaison officer at their home institution;
2) pay $130 application fee;
3) have a language assessment with CJCP staff. Then, students will have access to job postings; and
4) apply to jobs by the closing date

Please be advised all job postings are available and closed 6-8 months prior to the start date because due to visa processing which may take up to 2-3 months in Japan.

If you are an Arts/Business Co-op student, please contact Yuko Nemoto at to provide your school name, major, program, Japanese language level, and desired start date before completing the Application Form.

Thank you.

The Canada-Japan Co-op Program

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