Student Availability

Canada-Japan Co-op students are available year round from four to twelve months. Canada-Japan Co-op students are able to start in January, May or September unless a Japanese employer has alternate or special requests.

For more information about student availability please contact Yuko Nemoto, Program Assistant at, or by phone at (604) 822-6579.

Student Disciplines and Specializations

Students from educational institutions across Canada in varied disciplines participate in The Canada-Japan Co-op Program. Students in the following disciplines have participated in the program over the years:

  • Engineering – Electrical, Mechanical, Materials, Civil, Integrated, Chemical, Computer, Software
  • Science – Computer Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology
  • Business – Marketing, Business Administration
  • Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences

Students in the Masters of Engineering programs from the aforementioned disciplines are also available.

Typical Work Term Lengths

Canada-Japan Co-op students are typically hired for eight to twelve months (two to three co-op terms). A small amount of four-month work opportunities have been made over the history of the program. The majority of Canada-Japan Co-op work term placements are for the maximum twelve month duration; however, some employers prefer to initially place for eight months, review suitability and if appropriate extend the students contract an additional four months.

Student Salary Averages of Participating Students in 2015-2016:

Discipline Students Average Salary (Yen/Month)
Arts 1 150,000
Business 1 150,000
Engineering 35
Chemical 156,667
Computer 177,500
Electrical/Electronics 144,500
Industrial 150,000
Integrated 135,000
Materials 102,000
Mechanical 143,333
Physics 118,400
Sciences 15
Biochemistry 160,000
Biophysics 150,000
Biotechnology 150,000
Cognitive Systems 120,000
Computer Sciences 157,500
Engineering Physics 150,000
Pharmacology 70,000




Note: As of Aug 31, 2016, 140,000 yen equaled approximately CAD$1,750.00