Employer Testimonials

Shigeto Kayane

Global R&D Human Capital Development
Kao Corporation 

Kao Laboratories started accepting international interns through Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) 10 years ago. Two years ago, JETRO pulled the international internship program and we have worked with The Canada-Japan Co-op Program directly since then because JETRO recommended The Program. We were not sure if we could handle the internship program without assistance from JETRO. However, we are now very happy with high level of services The Canada-Japan Co-op Program provides and most importantly excellent students like Rosabel and Amelia who accepted an internship position at Kao, tried their best to learn Japanese culture and our company and diligently worked with us. As a result, the department is willing to accept another intern every year. In fact, we are in the process of developing international working environment, but we believe that this internship program is a great opportunity for globalization of business at Kao Corporation.

茅根 滋人 


Akisato Kimura

Research Scientist
Media Information Laboratory, NTT Communication Science Laboratories
NTT Corporation 

NTT Communication Science Laboratories has accepted internship students from the Canada-Japan Co-op Program (CJCP) every year for many years. As a research supervisor, I have carried out several research projects with four internship students from the CJCP thus far. All of them came to Japan during their third or fourth year in university. Their excellent academic abilities and strong motivation allowed us to achieve a great number of significant results. Many of these results have been presented in international conferences and journal papers, which provided some internship students with a foothold in their research activities. Our laboratories mainly conduct basic research in the areas of computer and human science, and therefore many internship students, postdocs, and guest researchers from various countries have visited and stayed in our laboratories. This comfortable working environment for students and researchers from other countries seems to have a positive effect on not only their work, but also their private lives. I think the CJCP brings both host companies and internship students a considerable amount of benefits. I sincerely wish the CJCP continued outstanding success. Finally, I would like to say special thanks to the program assistant, Ms. Yuko Nemoto, and all the internship students from the CJCP for working with us: Clement, Derek, Robert, Alex, and Lucky.

木村 昭悟
日本電信電話株式会社 コミュニケーション科学基礎研究所 メディア情報研究部


Ricardo Salas


The first student from the Canada-Japan Co-op Program came to Sansyu in 2001, and since then Sansyu has received every year Canadian engineering interns. Besides their academic knowledge, the dedication and responsibility of our interns have left a very good impression here.  

At Sansyu students have chance to work closely with the Japanese staff in different sections, and obtain valuable experience in manufacturing processes that they would not get in the classroom. We also encourage students to participate in the local community activities, so they can get a taste of the Japanese culture, and at the same time let local people now more about Canada.

I myself came as student to Japan many years ago, and I can say that the long flight over the Pacific and being far from home for several months may not look so attractive, but the opportunity to learn and train on leading-edge technologies are a worthwhile experience.

Toshikazu Takemori

Senior Researcher
Energy Technology Laboratories
Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. 

Osaka Gas Energy Technology Laboratories has been accepting students from The Canada-Japan Co-op Program for the last several years. Since they have tackled research themes and proposed solutions with their unique, original thoughts, we are looking forward to seeing their achievements which are sometimes beyond our expectations. On the other hand, they can obtain expertise and skills from our researchers, and in their private lives they can be in touch with traditional Japanese cultures in Kyoto and Nara, or with modern cultures in Osaka and Kobe. We really hope that this program further develop and keep providing good opportunities for both Japanese companies and Canadian interns.

竹森 利和 


Ms. Harumi Kurihara

Human Resources Department,
Human Development Group Chief
Yamatake Corporation April 2008

Yamatake Corporation first accepted an intern from Sherbrooke University in 1996. We have been accepting a few students every year from US, UK, Germany and other countries and the number of students is over 50 since 1996.

Unlike other countries contacting every single student and university, The Canada-Japan Co-op Program is a Canadian national internship program, and it is more beneficial for both students and us that Canada-Japan Co-op students have been selected in Canada to meet our internship themes.

In 2007, we accepted Jeremy Lin from The Canada-Japan Co-op Program and I believe he enjoyed not only internship experience with us but also cultural experience in Japan. We would like him to let people in Canada know about Japan as a cultural ambassador upon his return to Canada. Thank you for your hard work for one year with Yamatake 


1996年にSherbrooke大学のLouisを迎えたのが我が社に於けるインターンシップの始まりでした。以降数名から多い年は10名を超える学生を米国・英国・独逸等から受け入れ、その数は50名を超えました。他国と違いCanada-Japan Co-op を通して学生を受け入れるので、一校一校と連絡を取る必要が無い上、よりテーマに合致した学生が配されてきます。これは企業にとっても学生本人にとっても喜ばしいことだと思います。 2007年度にR&Dで受け入れたJeremyも就業体験のみならず日本文化を満喫してくれたことと思います。帰国後は親善大使として日本の良い面をカナダの方々に伝えてください。1年間お疲れ様でした。そしてありがとう。 

Mr. Isamu Noguchi

Project Manager, Armonicos Co., Ltd.

Canada-Japan Co-op students have worked as a project member of the software packaging team developing new features and amending programs. Their high level of learning ability leads us to accomplish our various projects. Features they have developed are one of important software functions for our clients and their business. On top of that, students are eager to learn Japanese language and have improved their language skills to carry on pleasant conversations with us towards the end of the work term in Japan.


Mr. Akinobu Nagatomo

Human Resource Development Section Chief
Fujitsu Kyushu System Engineering Limited.

For several years our Life Science Systems Department has been accepting interns from the Co-op Japan program and giving them the chance to participate in projects involving data mining and database development. These interns have the chance to participate in challenging projects that require them to show initiative, flexibility, and drive. Although their goals and objectives are defined, they are given flexibility in the methods they use to achieve them. The different ideas and perspectives of the interns have been extremely useful to us, and it seems they have greatly enjoyed their experiences here in Japan.

The Co-op Japan program intern selection process gives companies the opportunity to hold telephone interviews with potential interns, which is something we have found very useful in finding the right intern for the available position. We have been impressed with the performance of all of The Co-op Japan interns we have accepted, and look forward to accepting more in the future.

Our advice to students considering internships is to develop your communication skills, decide what you hope to achieve through your participation in the program, and finally, approach your internship with an open mind. There are many opportunities awaiting you here in Japan.

Mr. Hideto Fujita

SANYO Electric Co.,Ltd. 
Digital Systems Research Center

SANYO R&D Headquarters has welcomed many internship students from the Co-op Japan Program every year. The internship students who work at SANYO engage in various different projects involving cutting edge research to new product development with other Sanyo employees.

We, at SANYO R&D, are strongly encouraged to do research and develop with a global perspective in mind.  All the internship students from the Co-op Japan Program have been able to adapt to a different culture and different circumstances, but nonetheless, they still actively challenge new concepts using their global background.  At SANYO R&D, we have been able to learn to think more globally through daily communication with the internship students. By participating in the Co-op Japan program, both we at Sanyo and the internship students can learn and grow together. 






Ms. Makiko Tatsumi

Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International

Co-op Japan students learn about state-of-the-art research and development at ATR, working with leading researchers in robotics and neuroscience. Many of the Co-op students have contributed to research at ATR that has been presented at international conferences or published in academic journals. They return to Canada with new ideas and frequently continue with careers that contribute to research and development of new technology in Canada.


コー・オプ・ジャパン・プログラムの学生は、当社 ATR に於いて、最先端の研究開発に関わり、ロボット工学、神経科学の一流研究者とともに働いています。
多くのコー・オプ・ジャパン・プログラムの学生が ATR での研究に貢献し、 その成果は国際学会や論文誌に発表されています。 学生はカナダ帰国後、新たな発想を携え、カナダにおける最新のテクノロジー研究開発に 貢献しています。

Mami Toyoda

Sony Digital Network Applications Inc.

The program has 10 years of history, supported by Canadian government.

From the selection to the orientation of the students, everything is well organized and proceeded by assured process. Everything is so smooth.

In our company, two students will stay for about a year. They are well- educated, have ability to learn and to adjust themselves to the Japanese cultural environment. Communication with the students is also a stimulant to the mployees and contributes to creating the active atmosphere in the working place. 

豊田真美 ソニーデジタルネットワークアプリケーションズ株式会社

カナダ政府も支援を行なっている、10年の実績のあるプログラムであるため、 選考から学生のオリエン、フォローまで非常によくコーディネートされたプログラム だと思います。本年度2名の学生を受け入れましたが、学習意欲・日本文化への適合性も高く、指導する側としても成長が求められ、社内の活性化にも貢献しています。 

ASO JUKU Educational Foundation

Corporate Planning, Director
Miyuki Matsuda

ASO JUKU, the largest post secondary professional training college in West Japan, emphasizes global communication proficiency among our students regardless of their majors.  We offer several overseas long-term internship programs as well as domestic internships.  Many students have attained personal and academic growth through these internships in other countries.

We hope more students at ASO JUKU will realize how overseas internship will accelerate their learning in other culture and language.

We would like to see both interns and our staff share joy of achieving certain goals and objectives by applying interns’ fresh knowledge of computer science/engineering and flexible thinking to development and maintenance of our internal IT system.




技術企画部主管 山田壮