CJCP Training for Students

To prepare Canada-Japan Co-op students for living and working in Japan they are required to attend a mandatory one week pre-departure training course.

The objectives of the training week are to provide Canada-Japan Co-op students with an overview of Japanese history, geography, customs and culture; knowledge of the Japanese business environment, including structure, reporting lines, communication and job expectations; insight into the current Japanese economic outlook; and general skills for making an easier transition from North America to Japan, such as transportation, banking, and telecommunications.

The core areas of development and preparation that will be emphasized include:

  • Situational focus
  • Knowledge of greetings and formalities
  • Japanese society and culture
  • Information on the working environment
  • Orientation to work placement
  • Advice on manners and etiquette
  • Cross cultural / intercultural communication sessions
  • Intensive briefing on the do’s and don’ts of living in Japan
  • Arrival procedures
  • The Japanese transportation, telephone and banking systems

Members of the Japanese business community in Canada will describe the corporate and business culture of Japan and provide tips and advice for successful Canada-Japan Co-op student integration in Japan. Canada-Japan Co-op Alumni will speak first hand about their experiences in Japan and act as mentors for the incoming group of Canada-Japan Co-op students.

A short course on Japanese language will also be provided throughout the training week. While the level of fluency for each student varies, they will be placed in one of two levels and their language skills will be improved prior to departure.