Welcome to The Canada-Japan Co-op Program

For over 30 years, the Canada-Japan Co-op Program has provided Japanese employers with access to some of Canada’s top university and college students from a range of disciplines—including Arts, Business, Computer Science, Engineering, and Science–who bring the latest knowledge and expertise to workplaces across Japan. 

Originally launched with the help of a grant from the Canadian government to bring Canadian university technical experience to Japanese companies, the Program has expanded to include students from most academic disciplines who can enrich Japanese companies with unique expertise and new perspectives.

We will be opening additional opportunities for students in the Social Sciences, Humanities, Tourism, and Business disciplines, in additional to those from the STEM disciplines, making the Program more accessible to a wider range of co-op students across Canada.   

For more information, please contact Yuko Nemoto, Program Coordinator at coop.japan@ubc.ca.